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Fridays Fishing


After no real Trout fishing in three years I had arranged a day on Fasque loch near Fettercairn

with a friend, however an early morning text early on Friday saw me and two friends heading

instead into the Angus glens to a small loch called….. well lets just say its a hidden gem.

IMGP3419                 IMGP3420

Leaving home at around 8.30 ( Do you fancy taking your tube? Eh no your car has no room :) )

We were tackled up around 10 with a fair wind blowing. A nice fishing wave as the Irish have it.

IMGP3421                         IMGP3429

With the sun shining two happy anglers set of in the boat to the top of the loch. Yours truly

opted to bank fish. Some really small  fish were trying to commit suicide on the north shore

but only one 8 incher decided to play ball!

IMGP3423                         IMGP3424

He was safely returned to grow on a bit!


Lunch time!!

Whilst walking across the dam wall to the boathouse it struck me that an obvious area for trout

was in the corner between the dam and the boathouse. This meant a cast straight into the wind

but hey nothing ventured………


Second cast and an honest 3/4 lb fish struck the tail fly(a march brown wet on a size 10

double hook) and after a spirited fight he was in the net. Yippee best brownie in a long time!

Lunch enjoyed I headed up the south bank and fished downwind towards the boathouse.

This was obviously the better bank a several fish in the 9-11″  bracket

IMGP3427             IMGP3426

Best fish of the day (for me at least) was knocking on for a pound in weight…….biggest

brown in 3 years! A great day!!


Oh and we saw another fisher who had less success than us, maybe even His (or Her) eyes

were less sharp because of the rough surface.

Check just above the hill left of centre

Grayling on the Clyde

First full days fly fishing for almost 3 years!!

Our day started with rain & sleet battering down as we left the north east for gods own country. The weather changed as we headed west from Perth and by the time we had reached Biggar it was beautiful, mild and sunny/light cloud. Permits purchased at the petrol station we headed for the river. After the long drive a brew was called for but try as he might Kev couldn’t get his new Kelly kettle to go !


So a fishing we would go starting at Sandys ford


I decided to fish a duo down with a black Klink and a wee PT with a red tungsten bead. The wading on this stretch is superb….. the grayling unimpressed! :( Well not quite, a shout from upstream and I saw Kev into a grayling.


a little further down and another shout this time it was Stuart’s turn!! Both from water I had already fished!! Though they were fishing bugs..

I fished as far as where the burn empties on the opposite bank without success. By this time I had changed to a pink McPhail bug on the point when I was soundly broken on the strike by a fish lying at the edge of the current where the burn and main river meet.

Still ‘nil desperandum’, a change to bugs was called for so on went 3, a green ice dub czech nymph, a peeping caddis and again the red bead PT. I fished up again to Sandy’s ford without incident so we decided that another attempt at a brew was called for and this time the Kelly worked!!


Returning to the river we turned right to fish the first pool upstream another cracking looking pool. I fished from the bottom up on the right bank, Kev & Stu on the left. Amazingly there were a couple of fish rising, one of which Stuart managed to rise to his fly and missed probably a trout. I finally found some rocky bottomed runs, a change from the easy wading of the rest of the water I’d fished! I missed one offer in the rocky bottomed run but by then the light was beginning to fade so I crossed again at the pool tail


To continue or pack up? Since the other two were still upstream I decided to fish the run just at the road end…. the last Grayling I caught was on the Tay at around the same time of day so I figured it was worth a few chucks. and guess what???


Caught on the red bead PT, not the biggest fish you’ve ever seen but hey it was a Grayling nonetheless!

The day ended with each of us landing a fish so although they were all small we were happy bunnies.


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